Bach Cello Suite No.1

March 09, 2016

Recently, I started subscribe Netflix using my LG smart TV.(Because it was free for a month. yay~) The first series I watched was ‘Daredevil’ and I quite loved it, but that is not the topic I’m intending to post this article.

In the series, there is supervillain who called Wilson Fisk. Every time he gets up from his bed, Bach’s music comes out and he starts cook scramble. The music is Bach Cello Suite No.1.

My favourite is always Chopin, but I quite love Bach too. It is told that Chopin was also very fond of Bach. When I was taught playing piano, Bach was always total nightmare because my fingers did not listen to my head. However, listening to Bach makes me feel very relaxed helps me to refresh.

If you have any kind of trouble, just sit back and listen to this beautiful music.

Written by Hakjoon Sim who lives Seoul. Like programming and doing nothing.